Zené Krige
Industrial Designer 
The main purpose of this studio environment is to facilitate my learning for my PhD Research project which I have started undertaking in June 2021.
It has been a great pleasure setting up this space alongside my family who have played a huge role in building everything from the foundations to assembling some of the furniture pieces in the space. I am excited to continue to share on my website and Instagram the changes and transformations that this space might go through in the upcoming years. 
Chief Snack Director
Is any design studio truly complete without a studio pup? 
Toffy brings along with her short stature a great hunger in her belly for snacks and a habit of stealing pens that accidentally land on the ground. She approves of the view out of the studio and comes in most days just to keep an eye out for cats. 
100% morale boost and she plays an integral role in testing the fluffiness of any surface that has scope to be sat/slept on. 
Not Pictured: Wilma Joubert - The mum
A creative genius who, would have been the very best designer had she been afforded the same opportunities. Her work ranges from coffee-drinker to actively participating in design practise and operating the different tools in the space... so basically the true all-rounder. 
I am hoping to develop some scope for her to be using the workshop for some of her own solo projects in the near future also. 
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