Zené Krige
Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) with First class Honours from Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.
How Design found me
I always knew I wanted to help people yet never knew how. I loved creating and dreaming up ideas for as long as I can remember. Industrial design allowed me to merge my love for investigating an issue with my desire to improve the way we live our lives. 
Approachable Design
We are surrounded by objects that mean varying amounts to us. We assign value to it based on our needs, wants and experiences. I aim to create that which is engaging, tactile and sensory, to make the user experience joyous.
Beyond the Sketchbook
I believe the best way to design for a changing world is to immerse yourself in it. I enjoy the visual inspiration nature has to offer. I enjoy square-dancing, pizza, singing, finger-painting and watching movies. 

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