Stride is the alternative exploration for safe mobility of Bariatric patients in the Hospital Environment. 

The Salient details of my design:
Assists in the gait of bariatric patients
It can assist the user from a stand- to-sit position, and vice versa.
It can bear the weight of the user. 
Dignity of the patient
User-friendly and approachable design.
Safer interaction for nursing staff. 

How I can achieve these goals:
Testing any concepts that could be viable, my reasoning backed by research and conversations with relevant professionals in the health sector, as well as feedback from an ex-bariatric. I hope to find and address some of the salient details of the area of design and find a solution that treats the patient with dignity, and providing them with hope that rehabilitation is possible. 

Skills utilised:
Improving Rhinoceros CAD and Fusion 360 knowledge
Research Skills
3D Printing 
Understanding of Brake systems
Sand blasting

The full scale model is able to adjust from the width of the average man to almost 1 metre wide. The brakes are placed at the handles from convenient braking. The handles are shaped so as to be gripped in various ways for the user to pull themselves up from the chair. 
Staff involvement from nurses would be to adjust the walker to the width required for the patient, who can then use the same walker for the length of their hospital stay. 

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