3D Printing
The versatility and speed of concept visualisation when using a 3D printer makes it a great tool to develop ideas or present concepts to clients. Quick. Convenient. Precise.  
Using materials such as PLA+, a quality bioplastic, or TPU, which is flexible materials allow for different types of physical interactions and come in a range of colours which can be sourced to be project specific. 
Whether you have a CAD file ready to prototype or need assistance bringing your idea to life, I am proficient at Rhino and Fusion 360 and will be able to help you.
Laser Cutting
A great tool for cutting out forms both bold and intricate as well as rasterising. This tool allows for great precision and complex flat assemblies to be put together. Ranging from paper, to wood to plastics, a laser cutter is able to create versatile and stand out projects or replicating repetitive tasks fast. 
Feel free to get in touch to discuss projects you have in mind, but please not that this service is not yet operating.
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