Group Project by Clara Gan, Hanne De Ridder, & Zene Krige
Length of Project: 12 weeks
We were tasked to design a light with an element of surprise for a contemporary interior. The element of surprise should enhance the design of the light and not impede it. It could be a pendant, table or floor light, provided that it creates sufficient light for an interior environment.

Rewa is a one meter tall floor lamp for a contemporary living space and stands as a statement piece within the home. Rewa is made from three layers of organza (a blue organza in between two white layers), pierced using felting needles. The triangles are created with white acrylic felt. To retain the iceberg shape, the material is stiffened using a fabric stiffener and has an interior structure made of steel rods to maintain the height of the lamp. The whole light sits on a Kauri base with three B22 light fittings on the steel rods.

Our project is inspired by the natural occurrence of glaciers in New Zealand, with a particular fascination in how light moves, transmits and disperses through the Fox Glacier. The idea of the seen and unseen were key in our experimentation for our surprise element. The triangular forms are exposed when the light is switched on, with spaces allowing more light through, imitating how light transmits through icebergs. The iceberg is also seen as a statement on the current issues of global warming, our lamp acting as a comment on this, and its connection to New Zealand’s natural landscape. Rewa is a Māori word which means to melt, or to become liquid, with another variation meaning to be elevated, high up. We felt that this name was suitable as it bore connections to both the cultural and geographical elements of New Zealand. The idea of melting, also furthering our perception that these natural wonders are diminishing, calling for responsibility from all New Zealanders and reaching to the wider world.

The novelty of the materials used in the manufacturing of the lamp makes the design surprising and unique. The lamp is intended for contemporary spaces, and can act as a feature or accent to many spaces. The textural interest encourages engagement from users and incites conversation around it.  A high quality finish, with a large proportion which makes it a feature within the contemporary environment for which it is intended. The interesting texture makes it inviting to approach and view from close up. The hand felting was a key component of the design and a labour-intensive process, but which allows for more control over the aesthetic and is more successful than an Industrial Felt loom. The fabric outcome is desirable and inviting. 

Rewa expresses a connection to New Zealand, and aims to not only comment on this shifting world, but also acts as a way of connecting people who enter the space, and encourages conversation about the design, its shape and textures. We believe it to be an aesthetically pleasing design that is a desirable addition to any contemporary space.

Current Awards:
Winners of the ECC People's Choice Award -2018
 Highly Commended in the ECC Furniture and Product Design Award -2018